Welsummer Club of North America

Welsummer Cockerals and Roosters

 Photo: Sam Grissom, Howell, MI-100% Calicowoods Farm/Harry Shaw.




Photo: Luanne D'Amico, FL-stock traced back to Calicowoods Farm/Harry Shaw. Rooster:"Jesse".


Photo: LauraLou BYC, VA unknown lines


Photo: L & S Welsummers, unknown lines



Photo: Steve Rybicki, NY 100% CalicoWoods/Harry Shaw lines


Photo: HappyChooks, BYC Lowell Barber/ Whitmore Farms lines 

Photo: Len Harold, OR


Photo: Rusty, owned by Patrick and Natasha Googer, Cleveland, TN, the stock believed to be from Whitmore Farms


This Welsummer cockeral is showing some barring in his hackles.  Even coloration of reddish gold would be more desirable. 


The birds below are showing a few faults.  The hen's hackles are showing very little yellow.  Her tail angle is way above 60 degrees, as the APA SOP dictates it should be.  It could be the lighting, but the undercolor on the male should be slate.  A smaller comb on both birds and non pendulous wattles on the male would be more desirable.