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Hi, I'm gonna put my email address towards the end of this post so people can contact me directly as I don't want to start a thread that might turn into a "this line is better than that line" sort of discussion :).  My experience with the breed began last Summer when I took half a dozen that were left over from a hatch done by a local breeder for someone else.  It turned out there was a lone male in the group and he succumbed to a health issue a couple of weeks ago.  I do enjoy them (& their eggs) and was looking forward to breeding them this Spring.  Based on what I was seeing and reading (I have a copy of the SoP), they seemed like decent enough birds and show birds isn't really my thing anyway.  However, needing to replace the lone male got me to thinking about starting from scratch with a some good stock of a known line, breed them separately, and try to keep a line going.  My first choice was the Lowell Barber line but I think I've about run out of options there.  I've exchanged several emails with Laurie and Karen but neither are in a position to help me out in the near future.  If anyone else has some of the Barber descendents, I'd love to talk about acquiring some.  I'm hoping for eggs or chicks.  I'm in SE Nebraska and would be willing to drive a day in any direction which would avoid shipping issues and even leave the door open to my picking up a mature trio. Ideally, I'd like to do this in mid-May but am certainly flexible.  Unless someone speaks up reasonbly soon that leads me to Barber birds, I'm receptive to any of the better lines of the Dutch variety.  From looking at the breeders list and their websites, it looks like there are several good options but I'd like to get an order in fairly soon.  I would welcome any recommendations (or info on breeders not listed) or feedback but please email me directly - [email protected] - so we don't end up with... hurt feelings started by this thread.  Thanks.  Tom

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Trish Dusil
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I hope you find some Tom.  This time of year is tough to find birds as most breeders cut down for the Winter.  We are planning on doing a breed meet in Iowa City Iowa next fall, maybe we will see you there.

I only know of a handful of people that have the Barber Line, or close decendents.  Karen and Laurie are 2 of the breeders I would have referred you to. 



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