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Judy Temple
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Hi Folks,

I live in the frozen tundra on NH and I'm having a heck of a time with my Welsummer Rooster's comb & wattles freezing. I coat them in vaseline twice a day and it helps but does not prevent frosting the tips and edges. I float a plywood disc with a hole in the center in the water dish so he can't dip his wattles. Currently he and his favorite hen are living in my house in order to prevent damage while we go through yet another spell of sub zero temps. Any ideas out there would be greatly appreciated. The crowing at 3:00am is starting to get to me.  Should I be knitting him a cap?


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Robin Paceley-Geiger
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LOL! I don't know if a cap would work but won't hurt to try! I know it looks painful but in due time, his points will fall off but it won't affect his behavior later down the line. Please do not leave them in the house because once they get established, it would be much harder for them living out in the cold. You would have to leave them in your house until weather warms up. So if it was me, I would put them outside.

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Trish Dusil
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I've saved my roosters combs and wattles this year from freezing by adding sugar to their water.  I'm guessing it raises their metabolism enough to do the trick.  I don't heat my coop, but it is a well ventilated building and it's dry.  It got below zero a few nights this year, and the roosters I provided sugar water to, don't have frozen combs.  Even a SC RIR with a fine pointed comb that I was worried about.

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Susan G
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I just found your tip. Did that trick work again this winter Trish? Our cocks' combs look terrible and I think 10 deg was our lowest. Gotta do something different next year

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