Welsummer Club of North America

                                           APA Standard of the Welsummer

1998 Edition



Named after the Village of Welsum in Holland, this Dutch breed has its makeup such as Partridge Cochins, Partridge Wyndottes, and Partridge Leghorns; still later the Barnvelders, and the Rhode Island Reds. It is particuarly noted for its brown egg, which remains its special feature, some eggs being mottled with brown spots. It has distinctive markings and color, and comes into the light breed category, although it has good body size. It is entered in the medium class in the country of its origin. Judges and breeders work to a standard that values indication of productivity so that the laying merits can be combine with beauty. Admitted to the SOP in 1991.

     Standard removed per Copyright laws.  Please refer to your APA Standard of Perfection.  If you do not have one, please purchase it directly through The American Poultry Association.


 (taken from the UK Welsummer site)


Comb other than single or has side sprigs. White earlobes. Excessive white in plumage. Feather on legs, hocks or between toes. Other than four toes on each feet. Stripling in neck, hackles or saddle of male. Absolutely black or whole red breast in males. Salmon breast in females. Legs other than yellow. Badly crooked or duck toes. Any body deformity. Coarseness, beefiness, and anything that would interferes with the productiveness and general ulitity of the breed.


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Disqualifications, Faults and Genetic Flaws

Here are photos that our members and other Welsummer breeders have kindly submitted to the WCNA website for educational purposes and NO names were given. There you will see are photos with description and be assured none of those Welsummers were used for breeding for standard. If you have something to share, I would gladly post it on here to inform old and new Welsummer breeders about faults we have been seeing in the past five years.

 Too light, not correct color of terra cotta eggs.



 Chicks, on the left, proper Welsummer color and "blonde Welsummer chick" (genetic fault). Not to be used for breeding SOP Welsummers.

 Chick with feather stubs, genetic fault, should not be used for breeding.


 Chick with "quail" face markings, NOT a Welsummer, mixed breed. Not to be used for breeding.

 "Beefy comb", not desirable for SOP. 


Incorrect comb, irregular points.

 A pair of hatchery Welsummers, see the faults so common in hatchery type Welsummers, the roo has a bad comb, Leghorn-ish body and the pullet, terrible comb, and Leghorn-ish, lean, narrow body. Not to be used for breeding.

 Too light of plumage of a Welsummer pullet. Not for breeding SOP.

 Bad plumage color of a Welsummer cockeral, too much barring and black penciling on hackles. Too much of a "brick" shape.

White "Welsummers", incorrect plumage, NOT acceptable to SOP. Looks too "White Rock-ish"


 Too much brown in chest and incorrect roo feathering throughout body. Not SOP.

 Welsummer x Barnvelder crosses on pullets. Definately not SOP. Breeders DID cross them to get darker eggs and CULL them out totally from the Welsummer breed. If you have or suspect a bird of this coloring, pass it up.