Welsummer Club of North America

The Welsummer Club of North America

The Welsummer Club of North America is dedicated to promote, improve, and protect the interest of the Welsummer chickens and their owners. As part of this mission, the Club also strives to produce the rich, red cotta brown egg shell of the Welsummers as consisently as possible. This club was established in February of 2009 with the help of Royce Van Blaricome of WA, who he encouraged me to get this off the ground because we do not have a Welsummer Club here in the United States. We also have a few Canadian breeders that wanted to promote their Welsummers as well.

Our members and breeders may or may not be interested in showing their chickens or eggs for exhibition purposes. Admiration of the breed for its beauty, character, gentle temperment and terra cotta egg color are the main attractions for the owners themselves.

The WCNA has a membership and breeders list under the Members category. Not all of our members do own Welsummers but they are certainly plan on getting some in near future! Our membership to the club is FREE! We have been going on for a year and half now with the never ending support of our members and we are hoping we will grow successfully every year, promoting the Welsummer breed. Each member is categorized by state and I am hoping later in near future I will add icons for those who wants to sell hatching eggs, chicks, started birds and adults.

Also we do have e-newsletters for our members, sent out four times a year. I will post our old newsletters in the Old News section. We did not have a Summer edition but the Fall is coming up and waiting for one breeder to submit his "Breeder's Corner" information to be published.

You can also find Welsummer members and fanciers in the Yahoo Groups. It is a great site for anyone who have questions, comments, stories to share or keeping in touch with others. Everyone is welcome! You do not have to own Welsummers to join the Yahoo sites. 

Welsummer Club of North America has a Facebook for those who wanted to check it out. 



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 Photo courtesy: Diane McDonald, WV