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History of the Welsummers In North America


Lowell Barber, pictured, with the dark eggs of various breeds of chickens he imported in the United States. He was one of the very first importers of Welsummers in the United States. The Welsummers he obtained were from Netherlands from a poultry show in Wales. Photo from Colorsplash Rare Poultry, Laurie Adams of FL who was very fortunate to get to know him and learn from him.


More information will be forthcoming! Need more photos and information about our original USA importers of Welsummers.


Influental Welsummer breeders in the USA that still goes on now are:

Laurie Adams, FL, has the original Lowell Barber stock and has not ever crossed with any other lines so they are pure as they go. Nina has the other 1/3 of Lowell's stock and Laurie is planning on using Nina's line for rejuvenating Lowell Barber lines. Laurie is still continuing this line. She has recently moved to FL and her farm name is Silk Hope Fiber Farm.

Bjorn Netland, his stock came from Lowell Barber*, was one of the five breeders to get Welsummers accepted into APA in 1991. He also imported German Welsummers out of Canada to develop a second, unrelated line. It was said that he also had hatchery Welsummers but it failed to meet the critiqeria of Bjorn's expectations so he no longer uses the hatchery stock.

Horst Greczmiel--he was one of the five breeders to get the Welsummer accepted in the APA in 1991. Raised German Welsummers(?)

Channing Grisham- lived in Anderson, Alabama, that's why he called his hatchery Anderson (Anderson Creek?) Hatchery. As per Mr Grisham, he got the Welsummers from Frank Clark, of Ambridge Stud, Belpers, Darbys, UK. Mr. Clark is a well known international judge and breeder of Large Fowl Welsummers reowned for their dark brown eggs. Prince Charles also of Mr Clark's stock still existed today. He started with six birds and breeding them for ten years. He does not have any Welsummers anymore.

John Hall, VT, breeder of Welsummers since 2003--recalled that he purchased two batches of hatching eggs, one from Jiles Markham, MO and a gentleman in NC and presently working with his old line with new line (Grisham hens), getting some dark copper hackled females. He is still breeding Welsummers to this date. The origin of his birds are unknown but assumed to be of Barber lines. Mr Hall neglected to ask the breeders where they got their Welsummers from so we can just say Mr. Hall has developed his own line.

Kelly Cratty-unknown origin

Jack Fugate, breeder of Welsummers for 30 years. He does not remember where he got his stock from. He was from Athens, TN, was known to import Cuckoo Marans in the 1960's, BCMarans in about 1984, but the original stock information was lost. Pending for more information about his Welsummers but I am certain his Welsummers were of UK origin.

Duane Urch, MI, breeder and exhibitor of Welsummers, unknown origin

Ron Presley, had them for a couple of years. Stock came from Sandhill Preservation. Has not had any Welsummers for over ten years, focusing on his Marans flock.

Harry Shaw, Jr. of Calicowoods Farms, MO,  his stock (lines) came from Lowell Barber. After Shaw's untimely death, Estes Hatchery of MO bought ALL of his Welsummer flock. It has been several years and uncertain of the quality of the chicks and egg color. I certainly hope that they still maintain the lines than is to pollute the lines with some hatchery bred Welsummers.

Will Morrow of Whitmore Farm, Maryland, his stock came from Channing Grisham and Anderson Creek Hatchery. He has been breeding them almost over seven years and roughly 14 generations ago from original flock.


Andre Vant Weistande, (pictured above with his son) imported Welsummer Bantams in United States from Netherlands, Holland PURE Dutch Welsummer Bantams, Harry Pilgrim lines. Sold his flock to a breeder in Indiana.

Erhard Weihs, a long time US Welsummer breeder, imported Welsummer Bantams from Canada, Verheyden Welsummer Bantams which they came from Germany by a Canadian importer. AND his LF's origins were from Germany. Erhard has been showing his Welsummers successfully in the WA coast.

Christie Ritter, IL, breeder and exhibitor of Welsummers. Her flock came from Calicowoods and Lowell Barber lines. She goes by the name Mothergoose on BYC. She no longer breeds Welsummers, and sold all of them in 2010.

I hope I have everyone that I know of importing Welsummers in LF and BF...please do share the stories!

  Welsummer History in the UK and Netherlands

There are several links in regarding to the history of Welsummers in the UK and Netherlands. Remember, the name of Welsumer is the same as our Welsummer. It was because of the change in name in Holland, the breed is now called Welsumer, with ONE "m" instead of two. It was decided by the Dutch Standards Commission as being more accurate. The change took place in 1978. However in Britian and other countries such as United States and Canada, would use the old spelling of Welsummers.

Here is the brief narration by Mr Powell-Owens in the UK site about the origin of the Welsummers.