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WCNA 2012 Fall/Winter E-Newsletter

Posted by Robin Paceley-Geiger on December 5, 2012 at 12:10 AM

From the President:


Glad everyone is doing well and the numbers of members are rising even more this year, added 30 members! Welcome!


There are a few breeders and owners getting out of the Welsummer business, mostly due to economics. Often I heard "We have to downsize the flock to managable numbers" or "getting out of Welsummers and focus on (name of breed)". I hope those people will continue to breed and improve their stock and sometimes the demand isn't great in their area. What could one do???


For starters, you certainly need to put your business/hobby up in the WCNA breeder's listings. I get emails all the time inquiring about the whereabouts of private breeders in their states. Unfortunately, what you see on the listings are all I have for the moment and some do not give out emails unless I contact them ahead of time to give them a heads up about a certain person or refer someone to them directly. It does not cost you anything, just my time adding the information on the website. If you have a website, please include that!


I know about downsizing our flock, due to husband being laid off recently and I'm fortunate I don't have to make "deep" cuts in my flock. Just keep the best of best and work from that. You don't have to breed to make money, most of us don't make money off of our Welsummers and to enjoy them is what they do to pay us back in eggs and enjoyment of their company. There is no need to "glut" the market with Welsummers and later down the line, horrible Welsummers outnumbered the true and tried quality Welsummers. Common sense is needed here and keep our focus on keeping the quality of Welsummers intact. Sure it may be cheaper to get hatchery Welsummers but in the long run, it is prudent to think ahead of time and what will keep you going in the long run if you get breeder's Welsummers and less heartaches, aggravations and money tied up into creating better Welsummers.


Two websites, the BYC and WCNA on FB has been the fast growing contact for our members! Our WCNA website is still a useful tool to look at Welsummer and looking over the SOP. I hope all of us are working in getting the feather colors corrected and the yellow orangish legs back into the breed. It is the breed that we have to work on perfecting on after it has been lost after the importations of the original Welsummers from UK and Canada. If it is a very serious fault like wry tails or barred/pencilled patterns or non acceptable traits, one would be well advised not to breed anymore of those Welsummers and try a different approach by "starting all over" with a breeder's stock that has been worked on for some time. A good breeder would try to improve from the flock he has and go on to future generations that only can get better, never two steps back.


I am happy to announce that we have a new secretary, Trisha Dusil. We didn't have that many voters and majority voted Trisha as our new secretary. I also added new position for her as the show secretary/advisor. If any of you show Welsummers or wanted to show Welsummers or just additional information about Welsummers in general, be sure to ask Trisha as well. I've asked her to write something for the newsletter and she promptly submitted it in a very timely manner! We have big plans next year in show incentitives and try to promote Welsummers. In the future, we might do some WCNA's Most Recognized Breeders/Owners Award of the Year. We are slowly gaining popularity and hopefully, the club will expand even more and it will get more serious.


Hope next year will be our best!




PS Nate, our vice president, has been very busy this year and hoping to get some of his lines back in his Welsummers. Let us wish him all the luck! If any of you got some of his lines and not crossed with any lines, I am sure he would appreciate getting some!



From the Secretary's Corner!


Goodbye sweltering hot summer/fall! Hello Winter! I'm probaby not alone in hoping it will get a good freeze this Winter to help keep the bug population down! This has been an eventful Summer and Fall! Being elected as Secretary earlier last month (October, 2012) was one of the big events! I'm ecstatic to be able to play a part in it. To me the people involved with Welsummers were part of the charm of the breed.


I will tell you a bit about myself. I am happily married and live in a small town living in Eastern Iowa. My son is 18 years old and spreading his wings. I also have four dogs; 3 Aussies, and a Great Pyrnees. A pet parakeet shared in our home with us as well. We live on the farm, but rent out our farm ground. My husband is a machinest that works for a cabinet company. Myself, I run a farm stand and attend farmer's markets throughout the summer.


Owning and training horses is a passion of mine, however, I gave that up to pursue breeding and showing poultry. For a while, I was involved with a hatchery. The breeding goals were so different than what I believed in, that I decided to go on my own and just concentrate on my show stock. Currently, my breeding projects includes Welsummers, Blue and Black Ameraucanas, and I have some trios and pairs left over from previous breeding projects Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons and Black Tailed Buff Marans. Some for show and some for yard monkeys. I picked up a nice trio of White Ameraucanas to add to my line as well.


Eastern Iowa Poultry Association has an annual show every Thanksgiving weekend. I am a secretary for that club. It is a great show I am proud to be part of! This year EIPA sponsored a cash award for Grand and Reserve Welsummers.


In my experience in showing Welsummers, there are little or no competition out there. I am looking to change that by getting more people in exhibiting their birds. Showing is great fun and great way of meeting like minded people! I've met a lot of great folks out thru showing, some are very close friends. This fancy has a lot of great people involved, which I am sure a lot of you have experienced! If you haven't shown yet, you may be feeling the reservation that I did. You know what? It's much easier than you think. Feel free to contact me anytime. I am more than happy to share the tricks of the trade or get you started in the right direction!


In closing, I would like to encourage everyone to join and participate in the WCNA Facebook page (and the WCNA website! editor). There is a lot to be learned there as well as meeting other breeders. I've noticed that not everyone is interested in using Facebook and would rather follow Showbirdbid.com. It is a great site and very well moderated. Lots of knowledgeable folks in there! So, I'm having a Welsummer division put together by Dustin Wilson, and encourage everyone to check it out!


Until next time, happy chicken keeping!


Trish Dusil





Editor's comments......Thank you Trish! I know many of our Welsummer breeders/owners/exhibitors do not want to mess with Facebook. I can understand that perfectly and our members have the control to use FB just for that WCNA site. There are many restrictions you have on your Facebook, please use them at your discretions. Do not invite anyone you don't want on your FB page and strictly use it for WCNA page only. Block any or all incoming "invites" if you get relatives, friends (other than WCNA members) would benefit you if you do not want the unnecessary drama, politicial/religious stuff on your feed screen. Only you, the member, have that control what you want to use Facebook. You can hide all those unnecessary games, etc. on your FB screen page as well. Not all Facebook members have access to the WCNA news feed, either because one has been banned from the club indefinately of reasons of unethical methods, or of suspecious nature of spamming our members or slandering or creating harm to the club and its members. The board and moderators KNOW who is on the ban list and we will not reveal it in public. Thankfully, there is not very many!



Breeder's Corner



None submitted at this time of newsletter! Hope for some next time!



We need articles, information for our next newsletter. Hopefully we will get a show roster going for our showing Welsummers!


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